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Taijiquan Research Association of Malaysia (in short, Taiji.Ram) was established under the Societies Act, 1966 on 1st March 1999 by a group of Taijiquan practioners with the principal objectives of promoting the practice, research, development and understanding of various disciplines of Taijiquan. Over the period of about ten years since its inception in 1999, the committee and members of the Association have engaged in various Taijiquan activities, particularly taking part in training, national and international competitions, demonstrations and visits to other Taijiquan associations.

In the national wushu competitions hosted by the Wushu Federation of Malaysia, athletes from the Association obtained two Gold medals in the year 2003, two Gold and one Silver medal in 2005 and five Gold medals in 2007 all in Taiji push hand categories. Our performance in the 2007 National Wushu Tournament has contributed significantly towards the achievement of overall championship by the Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur in the Tournament. At the Second World Kuoshu All Style Martial Arts Championship Tournament held in Singapore in November 2006, the athletes from the Association obtained three Gold, two Silver and one Bronze medal.

In May 2008, the Association hosted the 2008 Kuala Lumpur Taiji Push hand competition which attracted participation of more than forty Taiji practitioners mainly from the Klang Valley. In this competition, the athletes from the Association obtained five Gold and three Silver medals.

Besides taking part in competition, the Association has in early 2007 embarked on a research project in devising new Taiji push hand competition rules and regulations aimed at improving the application of Taiji techniques in competition and transparency in judging. The project was completed in early 2008 after a year’s effort. These new rules and regulations were put to test in the 2008 Kuala Lumpur push hand competition in May 2008 and they were well received by the athletes and judges at the competition. I hope these rules and regulations after some modifications could be adopted into the main stream push hand competition of the National Wushu Tournament in the future.


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Committee Members For The Year 2015 till 2017

President : Ling Eng Chan
Vice President : Ow Hee Being
Honorary Secretary : Ching Lee Yaw
Assistant Secretary : Kim Lin Tze
Honorary Treasurer : Lee Hong Leng
Ordinary members 1. Chin Yong Teck
  2. Chiew Wei Lian
  3. Tiang Kim Look
  4. Lee Boon Teck
  5. Hoe Chin Seng

Advisors and Instructors

Martial arts adviser : Tan Chek Lian
Taijiquan Instructors : Ling Eng Chan
  : Ow Hee Being
  : Chin Yong Teck